Friday, May 06, 2011

Listen to maths music here! And don't forget, if any of you lot think that you can do better, then why don't we have a go!

Let's start with 'That's Mathematics!' - it's true you can't do anything without it.

How about Mathematicious?

Youtube Mannel's Maths Music to get a full list of these great songs


Click on the picture below for the fantastic BODMAS song! - Actually don't, it's not there anymore. But a group of students have made a version of, so click here. Or try this rounding one instead!

Ever wondered how to turn percentages into a song?

You'll love this one about improper fractions, ok well I love it.

This isn't strictly music, but is an interesting take on improper fractions to mixed numbers

Whoever thought there'd be a song about equivalent fractions on youtube!

Fraction, decimal, % conversion set to music

New entry - Adding fractions

Another GREAT fractions song - love it!

Also on the theme of adding fractions we have this effort here Matha Mia Adding Fractions - not sure who the singer is but clearly very talented (?!)

For those that love fractions and raps, here's the dividing fractions rap

Play that funky number

Working with indices, another classic from learning upgrade

A couple of significant figures songs that show the cross-curricular link with sciences too!
Chemistry and oh, another chemistry one!

Root 3 is a surd


Inequalities song

The 2-step equation song (maybe not that helpful but certainly an insight!)

Factorising single brackets - there's a song for everything if you look for it....

How many quadratic formula songs are there? Too many to mention, just have a look on youtube. I quite like this one. It sounds even better when younger children sing it! And who'd ever have thought of writing a song about the quadratic formula to the tune of Eastenders???

And then of course, for all you 'AS/A2' level students there is the brilliant 'I will derive'

mkyou2tube has some great songs!

Binomial theorem song

Indices song

Completing the square song

Unfortunately - the excellent songs from Mr Mannel are no longer available to view :-( Come back Mr Mannel - your's were simply the best!

In at number one it's the unbelievable angle dance

Erm, then there's the angles in parallel lines song

My latest favourite - the pi song, you'll love it ;-) or if that link doesn't work then this one should.
Closely followed by the circle song - well national pi day is on it's way of course!

I'm thinking of submitting this circle one in this year's Eurovision song contest

Think my year 10s will love this one! Yet another circle song

Circle theorems song


Firstly we have the types of triangle song..

and then there's James Blunt of course!

Not sure I really like this one, but who knows, you may?

A nice Pythagoras' song to help you to remember

How about this one then all about polygons - I don't think that squares are boring by the way
And a nice one with quadrilateral facts on it

I am a parallelogram - not to be missed

Not the most exciting song I've ever heard, but here it is nevertheless - the volume song

TRIGONOMETRY (deserves it's own section I feel)
The sine wave.....

Sine rule song

Trigonometry rap - needs no more explaining I feel

Here's an excellent one about trig ratios for those wanting to learn sin 30 etc

This one is actually pretty good - not sure about the spelling though! Trigonometry revision


And how about this mean, median and mode one?

Lily Allen does mean, median and mode - sort of!

Estimate the mean


Anonymous said...

tut tut
u havent included the bodmas song

James Padvis said...

I'd love a copy of the BODMAS song! By Friday if you can!

Ms Caven said...

It's the top pink picture, and my year 7s tell me they hate it, but I know they don't really........